Course Challenges

  • Starting Line-No better way to get the blood flowing than starting in one massive mud pits with everyone else. Be careful getting out… starting line 5






  • Rope Climb-The man that climbs the highest risks the furthest fall. (NEW 7k)
  • Over/Under-Hurdle or crawl? Your choice to get through the wire spools.
  • Don’t Look Down (7k)-Balance your way across the trees or fall into the creek below.

Don't Look Down (2)






  • Dirt Bag (7k)-Grab a dirt bag (not your fellow running mates) and don’t drop it for the next 500 feet.
  • Creek Cross Crash (7k)-Step down, run around, or climb down and get across the 8 foot creek.
  • Hurdles-5ft hurdles. How high can you jump?

Hurdle (3)

  • Mud Mountain-It’s a tough 300 ft long incline, but you’ll enjoy the mud pits on the slide down.

Mud Mountain (4)

  • Tire Trip-Watch your step or face plant
  • Scale a Ravine-Scale a 160 degree ravine bank. Careful, the rope might get a little slippery.
  • Trench Warfare-In and out the trench four times. Feel the burn!
  • Polar Vortex #1-100’ of cold water. Don’t get stuck in the muck below *Deep Water, bypass available
  • Stump Hopper-Hop from stump to stump without falling off.

Stump Hopper (2)

  • Polar Vortex #2-150’ of cold water. Don’t get stuck in the muck below. *Deep Water, bypass available

Polar Vortex

  • TP Shuffle-Keep your balance for 60’ over the mud pit below.

TP Shuffle

  • Creek Crossing-In and out of the creek 3 times

Creek Crossing (2)

  • Stairway to Mud-Climb the massive set of mud stairs and enjoy the slide down.

Stairway to Mud (2)

  • Walk on Water-This may look like an easy and peaceful mud pit but watch your step—it just might just take you down.

Walk on Water (2)

  • Mud Crawl-Ready to eat some dirt. Get down and crawl through the dark trenches.

Mud Crawl (3)

  • Pipe Crawl-Stay down and crawl on through these pipes.


  • Quarter Mud Pipe-Good luck getting up this. 180 degree slope of nothing but slippery mud.

Quarter Pipe (2)

  • Slip ‘n Slide ‘Mud-Get a running start and finish off going down a 120 ft slide making a splash into one final mud pit.

Slip n slide (6)

  • Major Mud-Countless mud pits. You’ll be cleaning off mud for days.

Mud Pits (30) Mud Pits (21)

  • New obstacles coming this year. Stay tuned…